All Itineraries

Beautiful, informative Plan: clients will receive a professional itinerary emailed to them. It may be accessed online, via PDF, printed, or downloaded on the complimentary Trip Plans app. This will be accessible for 1 year, or through travel dates if greater than 1 years time. 

No Commitment: There is no commitment to book through Luxe Living Family Travel, although we would be happy to continue our advising through the duration of your trip.  If you are more comfortable booking yourself, you may use the itinerary as a guide. It will contain links to all components of the trip.

Fine Print
  • Complimentary Itinerary Changes: change fee's are waived for the first change on each component of the itinerary. Beyond that, changes incur a $5 per change fee.
  • Itinerary Date Changes: itineraries are created with and without dates known. If no dates are originally selected, we will price dates once within a year of creation at no charge If dates are selected, we will change dates once within a year of creation at no charge. Beyond that, date changes incur a $20 fee.
  • If travel dates are unknown, a rough estimate of price will be included with itinerary. This may vary significantly based on dates ultimately selected. We will do our best to work within your budget.
  • Pricing and availability is subject to change until booking is confirmed and deposit has been paid.
  • Travel insurance is highly recommended for all travel.
  • Luxe Living Family Travel holds no liability for itineraries created, but not booked by us.
  • Itinerary pricing is for itinerary only and does not include the trip.
  • Itineraries booked with us with us will incur fee's as designated on the Professional Booking Services page. 
  • Payment & Client Itinerary Preference Form are due prior to the itinerary being created.